The New Digital Franking Machines In The Markeet

Airs of change and renewal arrive from the Post Office. New technological systems and processes are applied to the world of mail and, among them, digital technology applied to franking machines and mechanical franking. It is not our field of study, but it deserves this brief incursion.

In May 2007 Correos began a process of technological renovation of all franking machines, the so-called technological migration, contemplated in Resolution 9096 of April 23, 2007 of the Undersecretariat of the Ministry of Development. This renewal affected the approximately 3,500 franking machines that were in service in private companies throughout the country, in order to incorporate new technological systems that guarantee security and control in all postage processes.

In practice, this process of technological migration means that all franking machines with manual recharge (charge of the postage value by means of cards previously purchased at post offices) and telephone recharge (payment or previous deposit in bank account, and recharge to through an operator), must be replaced before December 31, 2007 or July 1, 2008, respectively, by new recharge franking machines with digital technology approved by Correos.

The New Digital Franking machine

A franking machine is, basically, a device capable of printing the postage sign corresponding to a certain postal delivery, directly on the letter or on a self-adhesive label in the case of large packages or letters. The postal rate is determined based on its weight and the options selected by the user, and the postage value is automatically deducted from a charge or postage value previously acquired by the user and stored in the equipment.Depending on the needs of the user, this basic postage equipment can be added with other correspondence processing modules, such as folders, inserters, or even modules that allow the dynamic weighing -weight on the fly- of the correspondence.

The new franking machines with digital technology guarantee total control and reliability of the postage process. The equipment is connected via modem to a server, which allows the automatic updating of postal rates, the rapid recharging of the postage and the remote control of all the operations carried out. Security is guaranteed by encrypting the information in a totally closed hardware component, impossible to manipulate.

For users, the use of digital franking machines provides different advantages; Allows you to have strict control of postage costs, even by departments within the company itself, updates and automatic pricing based on the weight and type of shipment avoids errors in postage, reduces waiting times and trips to the office of Post Office, and allows the insertion of advertising messages or logos of the company next to the postage sign. Correos, in addition, offers a 2% discount on the franked amount, since it considers that the use of these equipment facilitates or improves the management in the admission processes.

Even so, and in spite of the evident advantages that the use of these machines supposes also for the postal administration, possibly from Correos still not all the facilities have been put, or has not given the impulse that allows a wide development of the sector, such as it has happened in other countries. You only need to compare the figures of franking machines in service in Spain (approximately 3,500 before migration, which could be reduced to 2,000 teams in a first phase after migration), compared to the approximately 250,000 machines installed in countries such as France or Great Britain, 150,000 in Germany, 30,000 in Italy, 28,000 in Sweden … or the one and a half million teams in the United States …

The cost and amortization of equipment and consumables, the requirement of advance payment of postage, the obligation to generate delivery notes and the deposit of pre-classified postal items in the post offices, are several of the key factors to have in account by potential users against other postage systems, which makes it a system used mainly by professional mailing companies and private companies with a significant volume of correspondence.

4 Tips to Avoid Back Pain While Feeding Your Baby

Back pain is common in new moms, who often have to carry a baby that day by day becomes heavier. Meal time, in particular, can lead to recurring back pain.Before this, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons gives the new mothers the following tips:

  • Avoid crouching with the baby while you breastfeed or give him a bottle.
  • Put a pillow or two on your lap to be able to place the baby to your level.
  • Instead of a soft chair, opt for a straight back chair.
  • When placing your baby in a high chair or periwinkle, first remove the tray where the food is placed and then feel it.
  • Back pain is common during pregnancy. The pain usually subsides within a few weeks after
  • delivery. However, this pain may return as you begin to lift and carry your baby as part of
  • your daily routine. As your baby grows he increases the weight you carry, and therefore can result in pain in your back.

Caring for a baby generates tension in that area of the body. Lifting your baby can be especially hard on your spine. Initially, you could be lifting a baby from 3 to 4 kg up to 50 times a day. Once your child is one year old, you will be lifting and carrying up to 8 kg. Two years later, you will be lifting a child between 11 and almost 14 kg.In addition, many new moms spend a lot of time leaning or crouching over their babies, holding that position for long periods of time.Fortunately, there are many ways you can prevent back problems, such as modifying your activities and exercising to strengthen your spine.

The 4 keys to Creating Good Content

If you look, before buying a product or service the vast majority of users on the internet the first thing they do is look for information. They do not want to be sold a product as good as the ads.Companies have realized the door that opens thanks to the creation of content in a blog. With this type of strategy they seek to create trust and credibility with the consumer. It is a way to approach subtly your potential customers so that in the future they are more predisposed to buy.

How To Create Good Content

Talking about content marketing and copywriting is not surprising at this point. You may even be bored of hearing about it, but if you have a blog, you are interested in knowing all the keys to creating good content.When a person comes to your blog and is attracted to the design and what they are reading, in most cases will seek to connect with you. The reasons will be several:

  • You’ve motivated him with an inspirational post.
  • You’ve been informed about something new.
  • Your content has been helpful because it has taught you something new or solved a doubt.
  • What he has read has seemed entertaining.
  • After reading your content without asking anything, you will seek to know more about yourself. Probably the next thing you will do is sign up for your newsletter or follow you on
  • some of your social networking profiles.

The 4 keys to Creating Good Content

How to evaluate if a content is of quality?

Creating good content on your site is also a way to improve ranking in search engines, increase traffic and gain visibility. Google suffers an information obesity and not in all cases “content is king”. For content to be good it needs to be:

  • Original and with personality.
  • Relevant, useful and easy to share.
  • It must have a concrete purpose.
  • It has to be written for a target audience.
  • Other factors such as the use of keywords, link numbers, etc., will also be present. But I do not want to focus on it, I want you to see the importance of attracting quality traffic.

If you are interested in blogging, do not miss our compilation of the best resources for blogs & bloggersValuing how content is and if it really is of quality is quite subjective. In fact, Google is not the one who decides that. Your own readers are the ones who will appreciate whether it is of quality or not. For some it will be very useful content, for others it will be irrelevant content. For this reason it is very important that you define what the objective of your post is and what target audience it is aimed at. It will be the target audience that assesses whether what you have published is of quality or not.

4 keys to create exquisite content Do you inspire, inform, entertain or teach?

To create exquisite content you have to know the audience for which you write and literally you have to put it on your skin. Here it is not worth talking about everyday issues that we know everyone likes but does not convert. Quality traffic is the one that will come with quality content. We can write a post that inspires, reports, entertains or teaches, but first of all you will have to be clear about the topics that respond to the needs and interests of your audience.

1. Inspires: Connects with the heart of the strongest

Many brands have been able to create content that inspires people, motivates them to exceed their limits and ultimately encourages them to become better people. The first example that comes to mind is Coca-Cola, which inspires millions of people to have fun and get moving.In the contents that inspire, storytelling takes on all its protagonism. There is always a story behind it that helps connect with the emotions of the people who are reading it.

Coca-Cola ad capture
Coca-Cola is one of the best brands that have inspired the customer.
Those readers, visitors or potential customers as you want to call them, feel totally in tune with the brand and want to be part of the conversation. Usually we are talking about a post that has a high probability of being viralized.

The types of content they inspire could be personal stories, brand stories or a case study. They do not have to be directly focused on life or something emotional or personal. Although there is something very true in this type of content. Occasionally leave the comfort zone, ask a few questions and tell what comes from inside and share it can give you more of a pleasant surprise. That’s how I lived the day I was encouraged to tell why I decided to become a copywriter and start networking.

2. Informs: You are always to the last of what happens in your sector

If you want to position yourself as an expert in your niche one of the things that you will have to do is inform your audience of everything that happens in your sector. You have to position yourself as a referent and for this you will need to be a great healer of content in the network.

It’s time to create alerts on Google and investigate the latest news in your industry. One tool I really like to use is Topsy. With it I can find the links on a subject that more social mentions are receiving in the network. A way to find some inspiration and know what is being talked about.

In short you have to be a good miner to find the best sources of traffic to provide you with the latest information. Once you find this news you can translate it by citing the source or you can give your perspective on the topic it addresses.

Another option could be to do some study of your sector that you know your audience is interested in. This reminds me of a post that Christian von Eitzen published. He interviewed 28 bloggers to find out how long it took them to write a post. It was a very shared article and above all interesting and useful for everyone who has a blog.

Interviews also work very well. A way to bring a touch of freshness and first hand information by a relevant person in your area. Depending on the approach you give and the questions you ask your guest, it could also be a very inspirational post.


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3. Teaches: Solve all the doubts of your audience.

Find out what your target audience wants to learn and show them how it’s done through your content. All posts that start with “How to Win, 7 Ways to, 10 Tactics, How to Conquer, How to Convince …” are articles on guidelines with a high impact on SEO. The post in which you teach, is a good way to position yourself as an expert in that area.

One example of a blog that is clearly taught on a daily basis is QuickSprout. Neil Patel is co-founder of several companies like Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. In addition to learning dozens of lessons on business is able to teach all its readers their knowledge about marketing.

If you run out of ideas and have a minimal audience ask your readers. Do not be afraid. They will speak to you of your doubts and interests and with that information, you will be able to develop new contents. To make the surveys in your blog you can use tools like Typeform, Quoners or Google Drive.

4. Entertain and leave them with a good taste

Content in the form of video is usually the most entertaining. I think there are companies that create content to entertain, doesn’t matter if you can’t create these type of content use this Paraphrase tool for text and inform and entertain their audience through a video that is very good. Red Bull is the first case that comes to mind, could not be another. Last year, how many were watching the Red Bull Stratos campaign?

  • Catch redbull stratos
  • The Red Bull Stratos campaign is a perfect example of how to use the entertainment factor to create a viral marketing campaign.
  • By 2014 it is clear that this type of content will continue to increase. Perhaps we are then in
  • the right moment to get on with it. The videos also, among other things, help increase the
  • time on site (Time on Site) of the visitor on your website.

Another important component of an entertaining post is humor. It’s not easy, create fun content but if you want you can do it. Of these contents I like their fast pace and how much they can reach to surprise an audience. You can write content with a more hooligan tone but try to get it to be yours, do not write in a way that does not go with you or where you feel very forced.

Conclusion: Mix ingredients from time to time!

Writing quality content requires a lot of effort. Be authentic with your blog. Generate conversation with your audience. Do not lose focus and always ask the same questions: what is the purpose of this post and which audience is targeted.

Each, in our own style, we feel better writing a type of content. Maybe your goal is always to inform and for another blogger, the important thing is to teach and entertain, all at the same time. Occasionally mixing the ingredients I’ve talked about helps create great recipes. Do not be afraid and enjoy good content.

SPORT MASSAGE; Best Ever Massage Techniques for Sportsperson


The massage is perhaps, within the physio-therapeutic techniques, the most appreciated by the athlete.

There really is no special sports massage, as there is no such thing as a geriatric massage. The difference lies in the moment of the sport activity in which it is applied and in the therapeutic objectives that we pursue.

The general objectives of the Sports Massage are to prepare the tissues for the sport effort, keeping them in an optimal state, prevention of injuries in training as well as in competition and recovery of the injuries that present themselves and the physical form of the athlete.

The massage is perhaps, within the physio-therapeutic techniques, the most appreciated by the athlete.

There really is no special Sports Massage, as there is no such thing as a geriatric massage. The difference lies in the moment of the sport activity in which it is applied and in the therapeutic objectives that we pursue.

The general objectives will be:

Prepare the fabrics for the sports effort, keeping them in an optimal state.

Prevention of injuries in both training and competition.

Recovery of the injuries that appear and the physical form of the athlete.

Likewise, microstructures can be produced microscopically within the muscle fiber tissue, which give rise to tissue inflammation, regeneration and remodeling processes and which will last longer or shorter depending on their severity.

Massage in sports can be classified into:

Preparatory massage / precompetition: Applied preferably (although varies according to the authors) between 6 and 24 hours before the competition, training or activity, to optimize the elastic and contractile capacities of the tissues. It is an invigorating massage.

Increased blood circulation and thus enrichment

Increase in the internal temperature of the muscle and the viscoelastic properties of the weave. Muscular and connective, which forms fascias, aponeurosis, tendons … guaranteeing an adequate contractile response and tension.

Elimination of localized adhesions and myalgias

Recovery massage: Usually applied between 30 minutes and 6 hours after the activity ends. Previously the athlete must perform an active cooling that includes slowing of the rate, stretching, hydration and respiratory and cardiac normalization.


Drainage of metabolic wastes

Reduction of muscle hypertonicity and possible spasms

Increased blood supply

In this phase, manual lymphatic drainage is very indicated and it is necessary to avoid very intense massage techniques that can exacerbate an inflammatory pain, increasing the recovery time. You can apply friction techniques, rhythmic compressions, segmental vibrations …

It also supposes a kind of psychological “reward” to the athlete for the effort realized.

Maintenance Massage: Must be periodic. It is used as a diagnostic and treatment medium, forming a part of the athlete’s preparation program.


  • Remove pictures of muscle fatigue
  • Maintain the natural elasticity of muscle tissue, tendon, facial, ligamentous …
  • Detection and elimination of myalgia areas
  • Application of the Sports Massage
  • Slower and broader maneuvers such as superficial and deep sliding, kneading, friction … and also any other technique of Manual Therapy that will help to achieve the previous objectives in function of the findings obtained during the palpation and the rest of The assessment, such as: trigger point treatment, myofascial induction, connective tissue massage, etc …

Both the objectives and obviously the massage will vary depending on the sport that is practiced, depending on flexibility, strength, background or speed, as the physiological and biochemical processes that occur in the body will be different It will be necessary to modulate the pace, speed and depth Of the massage depending on what we want to achieve.



Top 5 Upcoming Games Sequels in 2017

Entertainment is fun. What will you do in your spare time? Would you like to have some entertainment? Entertainment can be in any form. In this article, there are top 5 upcoming games sequels for which nobody asked.

This passing year has announced numerous games which will be releasing in the next year 2017. We are expecting to see them for Xbox one, PC and PS4 in 2017. Also we have seen some thread on social media like facebook and snapchat. Also see snapchat password hack apk from this link. Before we mark on the release calendar, there are some other good games releasing next year, announced by the Sony and Microsoft. This is not a bad news at all. We are happy to that we will have more big things for the year 2017 and even we are expecting more and more. We can’t wait even more, but we have to as we can’t play those games now. Let’s have a look on the top five upcoming games sequels.

top games sequel

  1. The Legend Of Zelda:

Nintendo’s savior is the most anticipated game of 2016 which will become the game of 2017. It will be the best game of Zelda. Wii U is not the only reason for its release but also the Nintendo Switch launch.

It contains more than one link, for example, a cooking link, sliding down of snowy hills and much more. If we would ask to pick one game for 2017, we would like to choose The Legend of Zelda.

  1. Scalebound:

Scalebound is developed by Platinum Games and it is another game for the upcoming year 2017. Platinum has some great games as well like MadWorld, The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta but on the other side, it has also some awful games like the Star Fox Zero, Teenage Mutant Ninja and The Legend of Zelda. Though we don’t have any idea that what Scalebound gives us in the next year but as far as the footage concerned, we have seen that it looks stunning.

  1. Shenmue 3:

We got a great news of releasing Shenmue 3 in the upcoming year. Only within eight hours the game has earned $2 million which is the initial target of the game. It is acknowledged that game will have the events of Shenmue 2, continuing with the story of Ryo Hazuki and the killer of his father, Lan Di, and a new character which will be called as Antagonist, Niao Sun. We are waiting for more news about Shenmue 3.

  1. Andromeda:

Why Mass Effect: Andromeda didn’t release in 2016? We don’t know and we are still finding out the dirt to get the exact reason. Although it proved to be a good thing because it will be fruitful in the long run as we will get this amazing game in the upcoming year. The male and female human character’s role player will be played by the players. The developer of this game is BioWar.

  1. Ritual of The Night:

Inti Creates, the developer of Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night, and earn more than $5.5 after its Kickstarter Campaign. It will be the most beautiful game of the upcoming year.

So are you ready to welcome these above mentioned top 5 games sequels next year? Make your next year more entertaining with these games.


Drink That Will Help You Control Cholesterol And Burn Fat

When our body accumulates bad cholesterol in the bloodstream, we are at high risk of suffering from arterial obstruction and cardiovascular damage. Although our body needs a certain amount of cholesterol to carry out its functions, the truth is that we exceed the consumption of cholesterol and cause a buildup of it in the arteries.
When a person is diagnosed with high cholesterol levels, it is important to start taking care of the diet and decrease the consumption of fats and other foods rich in this component. A healthy diet is key to lowering cholesterol levels and the risk it poses to health. Luckily, in addition to diet, there are also other natural remedies that can help lower cholesterol levels effectively, while providing other great benefits like fat burning and weight loss.
What are the benefits of this natural drink?
On this occasion, the home remedy that we are going to share consists of a drink made with lemon and parsley, which, as most of us know, are two ingredients with multiple properties for health.

Parsley’s goodness
Parsley is a food highly known in the cuisines of the world, as it is very versatile and is used in many recipes. But, beyond its culinary use, parsley is also famous for its diuretic properties, capable of removing excess water from the body, as well as a large amount of toxins that can affect health.

The main benefits of parsley are due to its high contents of essential oils and flavonoids, which are responsible for bringing great benefits to the body both internally and externally. In addition, parsley contains significant amounts of vitamins C, A and K, which are key to having a strong immune system and an organism free of infections and diseases.

Regular consumption of parsley helps eliminate toxins from the bloodstream, while fighting cholesterol and stimulating circulation. For this reason this ingredient is highly powerful to improve the health of blood vessels and prevent cardiovascular problems.

Drink That Will Help You Control Cholesterol And Burn Fat

Lemon Kindnesses
Thanks to its high content of vitamin C, antioxidants and natural essential oils, lemon is another good ally to clear arteries and fight cholesterol. Lemon prevents cholesterol from sticking to the arterial walls and stimulates its elimination so that it does not affect the circulation.

Its antioxidants make it a great ally to fight free radicals, eliminate the retained fluids in the body and all those toxins that can affect health. In fact, consumption of lemon juice also stimulates fat burning and weight loss.

How to prepare this drink?
By mixing the parsley and lemon benefits, we will prepare a powerful drink capable of regulating blood cholesterol levels and preventing diseases. In addition, regular consumption will also stimulate weight loss, fight fluid retention, improve kidney health and prevent premature aging caused by free radicals.


  • 1.5 liters of water.
  • 3 bunches of parsley.
  • 1 kg of lemons.
  • Some baking soda.

What should you do?

When you go to the market, try to choose organic lemons, to be sure they have no residue of pesticides and chemicals. If you are not sure, it is recommended to wash the lemons with sodium bicarbonate dissolved in water to disinfect them.
Once the lemons are washed well, they are cut into slices and reserved.
Bring the water to a boil. When it is cold, add the lemons and finely chopped parsley.
Cover the mixture thoroughly and reserve in the refrigerator.
Finally, mix before consuming and drink 3 1/2 ounces (about 100 ml) every day.
Fasting is recommended to take full advantage of all your benefits during the rest of the day. To get good results it is important to eat it frequently, at least until you notice a decrease in cholesterol.

Remember that the results will also depend a lot on the type of diet and lifestyle that is adopted to lower cholesterol. Improve your diet to the maximum and avoid bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and sedentary lifestyle.

Effective Weight Loss Diet in a week

At present, most people are affected by obesity and overweight, which are two health disorders that are derived from the sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. Combating both problems is not impossible and currently, there are multiple alternatives to eliminate those extra pounds and recover both figure and health.

Many of us are in the constant search for diets and alternatives to losing weight, because although we almost always do to see and feel good, we also have in mind that a balanced weight is synonymous with good health.

If you are looking to lose weight easily and none of the diets you have done so far has worked, then we want to share an effective diet to say goodbye to those pounds that you do not need.

“Miracle Soup” Diet to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week

The “miracle soup” is a recipe created in 1988 by Loma Linda Hospital (California, USA). Initially, the soup was given to patients with heart disease and overweight, who needed to lose pounds before undergoing surgery. However, over the years the soup became popular and became a well-known recipe among people who wanted to lose weight quickly and safely.

The diet consists of a 7 day plan in which our body will be in a process of purification and elimination of all kinds of toxins that can affect our health. Once the diet is over, your state will be healthier and you will have a sense of well-being that will motivate you a lot. The diet during those 7 days of diet is based on the consumption of vegetables, fruits, meat and soup.

Effective Weight Loss Diet in a week


The “miracle soup” includes among its vegetable ingredients such as cabbage, which in addition to providing a feeling of satiety, also helps to accelerate the metabolism to lose weight more easily. This diet does not include flours, fats or sugars, so our body is forced to accelerate metabolism and use energy reserves as fat to be able to get the energy supply we need every day.

Follow your diet safely

Before knowing the 7-day diet plan to lose up to 10 pounds, it is very important to keep in mind that this diet should only be applied in a special case and for no reason should be prolonged more than recommended. We must remember that this diet does not provide the necessary nutrients to keep our organism in optimal conditions and for this reason we will only apply it for 7 days.Ideally, at the end of the diet, start with a healthier lifestyle and a balanced diet that allows you to keep your weight balanced so you do not gain back the pounds you lost with this meal plan.In case of suffering from renal failure or diabetes, it is better to abstain from these types of diets because, in these conditions, patients need a more balanced and complete diet.

7-day weight loss diet plan

Pineapple juice with mint

Day 1: You can consume several servings of fruit, preferably those that are rich in water, like watermelon, melon and pineapple.

Day 2: Consume all kinds of fresh vegetables, preferably raw. You should avoid choosing beans, green peas or corn. If you wish, you can prepare cooked vegetables, and do not forget to increase your water consumption.

Day 3: You can consume fruits and vegetables, avoiding potatoes and bananas or bananas.

Day 4: In the course of this day you must eat 8 bananas or bananas and 6 glasses of skim milk. This will energize you and help you lessen the desire to eat sweets.

Day 5: Consume during the day between 2 and 3 small meat portions and about 6 tomatoes. The meat must be cooked or roasted and the tomatoes can be eaten raw or boiled. Remember to drink plenty of water.

Day 6: Consume 2 to 3 servings of lean meats and complement with a good amount of raw or boiled green vegetables.

Day 7: You can consume up to 3 servings of brown rice in the day and prepare unsweetened fruit and vegetable shakes.

Recipe for the “miracle soup”

In addition to the foods mentioned above in this eating plan, you can consume the amount of soup you want every day, every time you feel hungry. This soup contributes few calories, so you can consume it several times a day without any problem.

  • Ingredients
  • 3 white onions.
  • 1 green pepper.
  • 1 tomato.
  • 1 head of cabbage.
  • 1 bunch of celery.
  • Two carrots.
  • Salt to taste.
  • Natural spices.

How to prepare it?

Cut all vegetables into small dice, place in a pot with enough water, season the soup with natural spices and salt to taste and boil for 10 minutes or until vegetables are b