4 Tips to Avoid Back Pain While Feeding Your Baby

Back pain is common in new moms, who often have to carry a baby that day by day becomes heavier. Meal time, in particular, can lead to recurring back pain.Before this, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons gives the new mothers the following tips:

  • Avoid crouching with the baby while you breastfeed or give him a bottle.
  • Put a pillow or two on your lap to be able to place the baby to your level.
  • Instead of a soft chair, opt for a straight back chair.
  • When placing your baby in a high chair or periwinkle, first remove the tray where the food is placed and then feel it.
  • Back pain is common during pregnancy. The pain usually subsides within a few weeks after
  • delivery. However, this pain may return as you begin to lift and carry your baby as part of
  • your daily routine. As your baby grows he increases the weight you carry, and therefore can result in pain in your back.

Caring for a baby generates tension in that area of the body. Lifting your baby can be especially hard on your spine. Initially, you could be lifting a baby from 3 to 4 kg up to 50 times a day. Once your child is one year old, you will be lifting and carrying up to 8 kg. Two years later, you will be lifting a child between 11 and almost 14 kg.In addition, many new moms spend a lot of time leaning or crouching over their babies, holding that position for long periods of time.Fortunately, there are many ways you can prevent back problems, such as modifying your activities and exercising to strengthen your spine.

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